The 6th VICTORIES Symposium



The 6th VICTORIES Symposium was held at Akihabara, Tokyo on November 26, 2013, where the 3-year research progress since 10 companies joined VICTORIES was introduced.
World renowned professors' keynote speeches and special speeches from leading research institutes on network and applications technologies were also presented.
The symposium was co-located with a poster session, where the details of the new technologies studied under VICTORIES were reported.
The symposium was very successful with 150 participants.
Opening Session: 
Chair Toshihiko Kanayama(Vice President, AIST))
【10:00-10:10 Greetings】  
Ryoji Chubachi (President, AIST)
【10:10-10:20 Greetings】 
Sotaro Ito (Deputy Director-General, Science and Technology Policy Bureau, MEXT
【10:20-11:10 Keynote Speech
 “Recent Developments in and Challenges of Photonic Networking Technologies”
  Ken-ichi Sato ( Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University )
【11:10-12:00  Keynote Speech
“Architectures and Components for a Communication-Centric World”
  Lionel C. Kimerling   ( Thomas Lord Professor, Director, MIT Microphotonics Center )
【12:45-13:30 Poster Presentations Group A Poster_A6.jpg
VICTORIES Session: Chair  Hitoshi Kawashima  (Deputy Director, Network Photonics Research Center, AIST)  
【13:30-14:10  Presentation by AIST】  
“Mission and Status Updates of VICTORIES Project”
Shu Namiki (Director, Network Photonics Research Center, AIST)
【14:10-14:50  Presentation by Collaborating companies】  
“NEC's activities on flexible and energy efficient optical network”
  (Principal Researcher, Green Platform Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation)
【14:50-15:30 Presentation by Collaborating companies
 “Integrated Device Technology for Next-Generation Photonic Networks”
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (Senior Director, Devices and Materials labs., Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
15:30-16:10 Poster Presentations Group B Poster_B6.jpg
 Special Presentation Session:Chair Tomohiro Kudoh  (Deputy Director, Information Technology Research Institute, AIST)  
“High Frame Rates for Achieving Richly Realistic Motion Image Quality”
 Yoshihiko Kuroki (President & Chief Executive Officer, Comfort Vision Research Laboratory Co. Ltd) 
“Development of Highly Available Networks”
  Hiroaki Harai (Director, Network Architecture Laboratory, Photonic Network Research Institute, NICT)